suffix forming nouns:
1》 denoting status or office: doctorate.
    ↘denoting a state or function: mandate.
2》 denoting a group: electorate.
3》 Chemistry denoting a salt or ester, especially of an acid with a corresponding name ending in -ic: chlorate.
4》 denoting a product of a chemical process: condensate.
from OFr. -at or L. -atus, -ata, -atum.
1》 forming adjectives and nouns such as associate.
2》 forming adjectives from Latin: caudate.
from L. -atus, -ata, -atum.
suffix forming verbs such as fascinate.
from -ate2; orig. on the basis of past participial adjectives ending in -atus, later extended to Latin verbs ending in -are and French verbs ending in -er.

English new terms dictionary. 2014.

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